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What is IPL (Intensive Pulse Light)?

Commonly referred to in magazines and press as I.P.L.  treatment. It is the preferred treatment of choice to affect quick and painless end to the problem of excess,unwanted hair.Generally a course of 5-6 treatments is required to obtain full permanent hair removal and to ensure the hair follicle does not regenerate.Individual treatment times will vary due to the number of areas and extent of unwanted hair per area.


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After 3 weeks, it’s time for my 2nd IPL treatment. To my surprise i don’t really have much hair, it did grew, but it grew exceptionally slowly. I was really amazed and happy with the result. I don’t feel as much pain as the first time. 2 weeks later after my 2nd IPL session, i came back for my 3rd session of IPL hair removal. I only had afew strand of baby armpit hair. The whole session lasted only about 10-15 mins without any pain. I’m really very content with the results. Read My Blog
For me, results are SUPERB! almost permanent already i think. I hardly see anything now. Clean as a white sheet of paper!!! =DDDDD *happy* Now, I get like 15 mins off every morning from epiliating. Dont need to worry about forgetting to shave before going out anymore. Clean 24/7~!! I was abit skeptical about IPL at first because its like super expensive and i dont know what to expect from it. I'm always very afraid of course treatments, i feel like they are cheating your money. But thanks to Wink Wax Wellness, i am now a believer of IPL.I wouldnt agree so much on the 'Less Pain' factor, it still hurts when they zap but the pain lasts for like ONLY a milli-second compared to the traditional Hard Wax Brazillian. But i lovethe fact that it really WHITENS and SMOOTHENS the area. No more dark pits ladies!!! Read My Blog 

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We have decade of experiences in high end exquisite treatment and we owns the market leadership in hair removal, till date we have customers require their IPL Brazilian from us.Currently IPL Brazilian is the most sophicated hair removal treatment , not only years of customers.

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Take a look at our IPL steps and procedures.

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