Benefits of Labo-geneTM
The Skin Perfection System

• Specifically created for Asian skin concerns and conditions
• Clinically formulated by renowned dermatologist
• KFDA approved products
• Not tested on animals



Finest Facial Treatment

  • PL Express Facial 45 min -1st trial $68 UP($158)
  • IPL Ultimate Facial 90 min -1st trial $98 UP($238)
  • RF Express Facial 45 min -1st trial $58 UP($158)
  • RF Ulitmate Facial 90 min - 1st trial $98 UP($188)
  • Labogene Facial 75 min - 1st Trial $88 ( $168)



Labo-geneTM The Skin Perfection System is specifically developed and formulated to tackle a multitude of Asian skin conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, skin dryness & roughness, dull skin & uneven skin tone. Developed by renowned Dermatologist, its unique formulation works synergistically to deliver the active ingredients that work in skin cellular level of skin, without disrupting the delicate balance of Asian skin.


productItemLeft 01 Gentle Cleanse – Ultra Cleansing Gel
A refreshing gel cleanser that gently sweeps dissolving light make up. Skin’s natural moisture is retained while giving a soft and refreshing touch to skin.
   productItemRight 01 Time-Reverse Youth Boosting Cream
Regain your youthful skin with this lavish cream that reduces signs of ageing such as collagen, restoring skin firmness and elasticity.
 productItemLeft 02 Rebirth Matrix Skin Regenerating Complex
A skin regenerating complex that boosts skin’s natural hydrating abilities with Hyaluronic Acid and retains skin’s natural moist.
   productItemRight 02 Biomax Acne Control Gel
A unique and powerful formulation, that works effectively well on infected acnes and blemishes. It diminishes blemishes from your face within shortest period.
productItemLeft 03 Intense Clear Skin Brightening Cream
Infused with powerful skin lightening agents, it effectively even out skin tone, lighten sun spots & pigmentation, while inhibits melanin production. A luminous skin is reveal by
lifting away dark and damaged skin cells.
  productItemRight 03 An intelligent exfoliant-mask reveals a Enhanced with PFC, an oxygen carrier, it improves skin clarity, enhancing skin cell regeneration, while polishes away skin
dullness and impurities. 
productItemLeft 04 Intense Moist Skin Replenishing Moisturizer
Skin moisture, promoting healthier skin cell regeneration. Skin revives from inside-out by time-release factor, revealing a softer and smoother skin.
  productItemRight 04 UV Intense protecting cream SPF35 PA++
With fabulous broad spectrum against UVA and UVB rays, skin is well protected against rays and pollutants. Non-greasy and non-sticky formula.


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