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2012 CozyCot Women's Choice Awards -Brazilian Wax
2012 Singapore TOP 100 Excellence Award
2011 Cozycot Most Favourite IPL Hair Removal
2010 Successful Entrepreneur Platinum Award

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What had they said about Wink Wax?

Hi Winkwax!

Made my trip to Winkwax at Somerset today fr my FIRST ever brazilian waxing.
One day before the appt, i received a sms reminder which i find useful.. thank you!
My appt was at 11.30am. At 11.25, one of the girls called me and ask me where i am and gave me the directions..
I was greeted upon my arrival.. and the person who did the waxing today was Chloe.
Special thanks to her for making me comfortable (cos i was a lil shy at first).. she managed to make simple conversations with me, which made me feel more relax..
She didnt do double dips on the spatula, and keep checking on me, asking if the pain was bearable or if the wax is too hot etc. She was very
professional and efficient.
At the end, she explained to me abt the packages and introduce me to the serum( which i bought fr $30)..
I am sure to drop by again for regular waxing with winkwax. It was indeed a very "enjoyable" experience.

Happy and satisfied customer! ;


Greetings Richard thank you very much for the Oct mens promotion and setting up for me for an appoinment at the somerset/cuppage outlet last week amist my last minute rush arriving back in Singapore. The ambience and entire space is great with a lavish bright white decor slightly diffrent than the outlet at Tanjong Pagar but importantly the pleasant and professionalism of your staffs helping me with my quiries along the way of the session. Iris and her team made my entire session experience great and worry-free along with ease to not feel tensed. Thank you very much and Kudos to Iris and her team for ensuring my 2nd waxing session at Winkwax a great time altogether.

Jason 2012 Nov


Clean and Professional... They were playing ABBA all the while I was there...
Took the nervousness away. Nice place and friendly staffs...

Mr. Kok


For this, i would like to comment, that their rooms are at least cosy cosy,the pain factor..... hmmm.....not much difference from xxxxxx Spa n ba. [that time i went to xxxxxx Spa  i did ate 2 panadols 30mins before waxing.but this time but there's one extra thing provided by Wink Wax. their BW includes FREE cooling mask o! itz pink somemore xDand she really put in effort in checking every spots to pluck any visible
hair with tweezer.With courtesy and extracted from 


Dear Wink Wax,

I wanted to thank you for the great experience I had recently. I am happy for you to the quote below, but please do not publish my last name.

Furthermore, I think if you advertised the couples offer in expat publications, you would do very well, it’s a great idea, particularly as a gift certificate?
See you in 5 weeks.

“I elected the 1st time promo offer ‘Manzillian’ and it was and still is brilliant. I’m a Man with kids, so a little skeptical and somewhat nervous, but the therapist was brilliant and we were both laughing throughout the process. The place is really clean, music s blaring and a lot of fun. Being hair free is like a gift that keeps on giving and I will certainly be back!”



I had a lovely experience & really appreciate the good service. A certain Miss Chloe Tan attended to me in Wink Wax Wellness Somerset. She was very meticulous & the result after my brazilian wax is amazing. Thanx for recommending the products as well. It was a great & pretty much painless experience. There was no discomfort at all. Thanx Chloe :)